Accounting Outsourcing can help businesses save time and money. QB-Xpert is a leading provider of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax return preparation and e-filing services to small and medium companies worldwide from its offshore center in Mumbai, INDIA.  QB-Xpert is primarily a "Virtual" accounting firm.  We work remotely from our base office in Mumbai, India for clients across India, USA, Canada, UK and Australia. 

What is remote Accounting?

Accounting is a standardized, structured and systematic practice. Employees and managers don’t need to see their accountants daily. In fact, the accounts office is rarely visited by the employees and managers. This is because everything in Bookkeeping-Accounting can be done remotely.

A calendar of monthly deliverable is enough to set the timelines and deadlines your accountants need to meet.  An email is sufficient for the accountants to know what you need and will deliver it accordingly. There is no need for face to face interactions with your accountants. Everything can be done remotely through phone communication or  web conferencing.

Accounting outsourcing is a great way for businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations and increase profitability. Firms that are either too large or too busy to deal with their accounts and bookkeeping can benefit from outsourcing these services to a third party. This can help to eliminate payroll, accounts, and benefits errors.   Instead of you sending boxes of receipts and invoices to us or you finding precious space in your office for us, you will e-mail the information or use one of our secure hosting sites to transfer your sensitive files.

Benefit from remote accounting approach : Company saves the following cost

  • Employee cost-  recruitment, training, salary, benefits, retention, attendance issues
  • Space cost- rent, utilities, maintenance, cleanliness, security
  • Equipment cost- computers, tools, chairs, table, filing cabinets, office supplies
  • Error cost- simple errors of oversight on important reports and documents
  • Technology cost- servers, fail over, business continuity plan, site back up
  • Redundancy cost- train and hire a back-up accountant in case of absence during critical periods

Our key business areas — Bookkeeping/ Full Accounting, Payroll, Tax Return Preparation, Financial Advisory.

5 Reasons to Choose QB-Xpert's Accounting Services :

  1. Eliminate stress - we’ll do your books so you don’t have to
  2. More free time - use this time to grow your business or spend time with family
  3. Save money - our experienced bookkeepers can spot costly mistakes and inaccuracies
  4. Get a clear picture of your financial position - make effective and timely decisions
  5. Convenience - we come online when you need us
Cash is King for small businesses. If you aren't monitoring your accounts and cash flow, even the best idea won't succeed for long. As you grow this process becomes exponentially more complicated, you need professionals to guide you. We will make sure your system is safe, legal, and you are able to keep growing. At QuickBooks, we go well beyond mere accountancy, right to the heart of your financial future. We act as more than just bookkeeper to become your trusted business adviser. The QuickBooks approach to bookkeeping personifies our core values of integrity, teamwork and communication and forms the basis for enduring business relationships. In QuickBooks tradition, the financial statement becomes much more than a balance sheet, statements of income and cash flow. Combined with strategic business advice, the financial statement is an extremely powerful management tool that can be utilized for performance benchmarking, development of budgets, forecasting or other key management decisions. QuickBooks works with you side-by-side to determine the proper level of service you need based on the unique circumstances of your organization
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Payroll Full Service Plan:

Payroll-Xpert Our online payroll services for small businesses make payroll easy. Payroll-Xpert allows you to put your hard work and time into growing your business, not running payroll. Payroll-Xpert lets you run payroll online in 2 minutes or less — enter hours, review, approve. It's that easy!

Easy. Online. Affordable.

  • We calculate, file and pay state and central taxes for you. 
  • Affordable pricing to fit your small business budget.
  • Direct deposit or print checks yourself.

Your money is secure with Payroll-Xpert. We use industry-leading security measures. Your data is protected by multiple layers of security, including encrypted social security and account numbers; firewalls and third-party experts to monitor security 24/7. learn more..........

INDIA TAX Return Preparer:
We are acting as Supervised Tax Return Preparer. The holiday season is nearly here, which means it's year-end tax planning time. Read on for tips on how to maximize your tax refund by doing a little year-end planning now! Cut Your Taxes with These Year-end Move If you made a list of things to accomplish by the end of the year, would "review taxes" appear? If not, put it at the top of your list. You could save hundreds, even thousands of money on your tax return with these simple tips
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Unsecured Business Finance:
We are experts at small business financial solutions, and can help you raise the funding you need to grow your business. We specialize in bank funding which includes business credit cards, draft lines of credit, and all types of loans. Don't leave your business finance to chance, work with the best! learn more.........


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