3 Ways to Go Public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange :

We can take your company public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 5 weeks or less. All of our Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings are conducted by our director, a licensed German securities attorney and our law firm, FSE Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH. We specialize in conventional (direct) listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, but also have new Frankfurt shells for sale. For peace of mind, we utilize an escrow account for all payments whereby funds are released to us only upon successful listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. All of our Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings include Xetra, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's high-tech electronic trading platform.

1)  Listing From Scratch on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Whether your company is a German corporation or an Australian, Indian, Canadian, US, UK, Chinese or any other corporate jurisdiction, we can list your company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  You do not have to be trading on any other stock exchange to float on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange quickly, easily and affordably. We take care of everything needed for your listing, including preparation of a custom prospectus and BaFin approval (required only for the Regulated Markets). The director of  the company, a German licensed attorney, shall be your central point of contact from beginning to completion of your Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing. A listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is much faster & cheaper than any other exchange in the world. The entire process only takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks or less when beginning the listing from scratch. Contact us now if you are interested in a conventional listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

2)  Reverse Merger with a Frankfurt Shell Company
This is the fastest and easiest way to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  Our Frankfurt Stock Exchange shells are all brand new companies ready for extremely fast and easy listing. They do not have pre-existing business, so they are 100% clean, and they always come with reps and warranties. Moreover, everything a public company needs, such as the market maker, paying agent bank, transfer agents, etc., are pre-arranged, so nothing is left to chance. When you purchase a Frankfurt shell through us, the all costs of the merger and listing of your company are included and our licensed German attorney does absolutely everything for you including but not limited to the due diligence, purchase agreements, name change, symbol change, initial press release assistance, and more. The merger process is extremely simple, and only about takes about a week.

3)  Frankfurt Exchange Dual Listing (Secondary Listing)
If your company is already trading on an approved "Like Exchange" foreign stock exchange (there are over 200 approved "Like Exchanges"), we can dual list your company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange very quickly, very easily and very affordably.  Dual listing your company means that it would be listed on both your current stock exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. "Dual listings", sometimes called "Cross-Border listings", "Cross listings", or "Secondary listings", literally opens an entirely new world of funders, investors, liquidity and potential shareholders. If your company is already publicly listed on one of the many Frankfurt Stock Exchange approved 'like exchanges', then we can dual list your company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange extremely fast (within one week) and affordably. We can also obtain approvals for public offerings on the Frankfurt without an underwriter. Contact us now using the form below to get a price quote for your Frankfurt Stock Exchange dual listing.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world's third largest stock exchange behind only the NYSE and NASDAQ and is often referred to as the International Stock Exchange. Over 3,300 North American companies are already listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Dual listing benefits include the following:

Dual Listing a company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange gives the company the ability to reach the huge European investor market that are interested in the  stock of foreign companies like yours, with the convenience of trading locally.

A Dual Listing provides a new opportunity for public companies like yours to benefit from the growing opportunities abroad. Dual listings can also vastly improve a companys reputation as a global player in the International market.  A dual listing on the Frankfurt exchange exposes your company to over 500 million European Union residents! 



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