Outsource Tax Return Preparation Online : 
We are acting as Tax Return Preparer.
Outsourcing tax return preparation services offshore, particularly to India, began about five years ago and has grown at a phenomenal rate. Its popularity has grown as practitioners have come to appreciate its advantages. The tax return outsourcing business has dramatically changed and expanded beyond the client to tax preparers and now, to back-office outsource processing. More and more CAs and Account firms are opting to outsourcing tax return to India to help minimize operating costs and maximize efficiency and gain competitive advantages. We provide tax return outsourcing services using CAOffice Tax Suit Online software. Tax Compliance during the busy season becomes easy to manage with our back-office tax support. We also help you by making all the relevant reports with respect to your tax computations and filing.


Client's source documents (such as Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Sourceses of Income, Investments, Capital Gains etc ) along with tax organizer/previous year return are scanned and uploaded (usually as PDF files), by Client & CA firms to secure servers.

We access the documents and allocate the return preparation work to the tax team. The tasks are assigned based on preparers experience and complexities involved in doing the return.

The preparers would bookmark and organize the scanned documents for easy preparation and review. He/She rolls over prior year return and start inputting the data/information into the appropriate software. While doing so, any open items requiring clarifications or additional details from clients are listed and sent to supervisor/client's attention.

Prepared returns are reviewed by the Supervisors and intimation about status of completed returns is sent to the Client for final review and e-filing.

Secured Client Portal

This 256-bit SSL, password protected portal allows our clients to conveniently and immediately access important documents, tax data, financial statements, source documents, and software. Our clients can also safely exchange large accounts files and sensitive financial information with us using this portal. Single Sign-On Access to 5 Critical Online Accounts Firm Application
Our clients only have to remember one username and password. Once they log into the Client Portal they have instant online access to these 5 accounts, tax and payroll applications :

1. Secure File Exchange - The Online Document Management System includes a Secure File Exchange System that provides a secure, convenient, and easy way for us and our client to exchange and share files.

2. Online Document Management - Provides our clients with 24/7 access to tax returns, financial statements, scanned source documents. Our clients can safely store vital company information like employee data, corporation papers, and legal documents. All files are backed up daily and archived in our secure data-center.

3. Online Interactive Tax Organizer - The Interactive Tax Organizer is a dynamic web application that allows us and our client to securely access their tax information anytime from anywhere. With this Online Tax Organizer you no longer need to mail and enter the tax information from paper organizers.

4. Online Accounts - We and our clients get full online access to the Full Retail Version of QuickBooks Plus or QuickBooks Accountant. Online access means that we and our clients can make entries, print reports and have full access to QuickBooks from home, office, or any location in the world. The accounting data is kept safe and secure on state-of-the-art, fully redundant servers that are backed up daily.

5. Online Payroll - We are providing our clients a state-of-the-art online payroll processing through Secured Client Portal.  Our clients can enter their hours and earnings, print detailed reports, print checks, make direct deposits, and file all federal and state payroll taxes directly from the Secure Client Portal on their site.



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